Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens after I book with you?

Once your session date and time has been selected, you will receive an email with forms for you to review, sign and send back prior to your session. These forms include information about you, your pet, your background colour choices and any special requests / looks you are hoping to achieve from the photoshoot. They also include standard contractual information.

You will also receive a session reminder the day before your photoshoot.

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Where is the studio located?

I operate from a basement home studio, located in the HWY 412 and Dundas area of Whitby. The studio unfortunately is not suitable for pets who are uncomfortable with stairs, if they cannot be carried.

How should I prepare for the photoshoot?

If your pet is super high energy, a walk or play session is advisable prior to their photoshoot. This helps get out some of the sillies so your “supaw” model can focus.

I find treats to be a great modelling motivator and use beef liver and peanut butter. If your pet is a little hungry for their session, the treat motivation is that much more intense. Maybe a slightly smaller meal that day would help.

Should your pet have any allergies or treat preferences, by all means, bring their favourites along with you. If your pet is a fashionista, bring in some of their favourite outfits.

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After the photoshoot, what’s next?

The waiting begins before your masterpieces are unveiled.

The selection and editing of your 20 proofs takes 1-2 weeks. Once complete you will receive a link to your client page that will allow you to download your images and make your selection for your high resolution images.

Once your proofs are delivered to you, don’t forget to check out our print options. Raw unedited images are not shared as they do not represent our work standard.

My dog is not house broken or trained, is that a problem?

Accidents happen, they have before, and likely will again. That is no problem for us. Training not perfected yet, no problem. We work on the basic commands during the photoshoot, such as sit, stay, lay down, and backup. They don’t need to know these commands before hand, we work with what they have, and maybe, they will come out knowing their commands a little better.

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My dog can be nervous around new people and situations.

Prior to starting taking pictures, we make sure your pet has time within the space to run around to check everything out and get comfortable. We don’t start until your pet is ready. Our goal is to make sure your pet is happy and having fun the whole time, we do not force any poses or situations. We work with what your pet is willing to give us. Your pet(s) will be the only ones there, from entry to exit. No unwanted interactions with other animals will take place.

Can all my dogs be in the same photo?

If you booked a multi pet photoshoot, yes of course! We always work with each pet individually first and then try some group shots. If the group shots don’t work, we then have the individual ones we can work with and turn them into group images during the editing process.

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Can people join in for images?

We love it when the parents join in on images. At the end of your session we will ask if you want to join in. These types of family portraits are the best.

Is there parking available?

The studio is a home based basement studio, and parking on the street is allowed.

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